Before the COVID-19 virus turned our world up-side down, threatening our health and our jobs, Jim knew we needed to do more to make health care, housing, education, and job training more affordable and accessible to all.   Climate change is an even larger long-term threat. Jim knew all of these issues should be addressed with planning for truly sustainable communities.


Jim’s grandparents homesteaded and worked  with the soil. One hundred years later, he works for public lands remaining in public hands.   Homesteaders survived by collaborating with their neighbors, but today we thrive by embracing collaboration, equity, and diversity.  Jim’s parents emphasized the importance of a good education, and he followed that dream, and with the help of a national 4-H conservation scholarship, he completed college.   Believing public education and job training are essential, Jim knows they are not a luxury for only the wealthy.


A hard worker and determined to finish every job,  Jim started following politics in high school, and began knocking doors for other candidates at 18. WHY?  Because he is always interested in what other people have to say, what their priorities are, and where they struggle.   Many constituents in HD 94 urged him to run because of his honest commitment to democracy, and his work ethic. His wife claims he is the energizer bunny because he never stops and always does what is right for others.  


As the state physical therapy legislative director for years, he maneuvered the maze of people, laws, policy and hearings quite easily.  He has always strongly supported Medicaid expansion – not only because of his passion for the medical field but because so many of his own patients deserved better access.   Jim was honored with the University of Montana’s special award in 2007 as the Physical Therapy’s School 2nd  “Outstanding Alumnus” in school history.


Jim served as Assistant Attorney General under Mike Greeley for five years and as a Clerk for the Montana Supreme Court for one year.  He attended and spoke at dozens of legislative hearings and followed legislative bills from the drafting stage to Governor’s signing.  Yes, he knows “how to do it” and just cannot sit back and wait for others to get it done. According to Jim, he is running because now is the time to make a difference in Helena.


As a hiker and backpacker, his experiences in college began to tie his love of the land to the outdoors.  He quickly learned that loving outdoor recreation with family and friends is when he felt most alive. On the trails of western Montana, Jim met his wife Addrien Marx.   Jim wants the next trail to be in halls of the State Capital where he can more easily address the challenges and opportunities that will allow Montana to hold tightly to its unique people, resources and historic treasures.


Jim McLean


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